10+ Children Effortlessly Performing Impossible Dance Moves

New York Times best-selling author and dance photographer Jordan Matter will blow you away with his incredible images of dancers effortlessly showing off their craft in amazing ways. Best known for his previous works "Dancers Among Us" and "Dancers After Dark", Jordan always bring spontaneity and authentic passion to every shoot - no matter where or when.

His latest book project is "Tiny Dancers Among Us" and will be a celebration of the everyday moments of childhood. The dancing kids resonate with everyone, not just dancers, and they bring to life our shared memories of childhood — joy, wonder, excitement, fear, heartbreak and even boredom.

Jordan is looking to capture 2 more stories of amazing dancers from toddler to teen to feature in the book and he's hosting a photo contest to select them! He will also be bringing a professional filmmaker with him to document the entire process.  To see more incredible photos and enter the photo contest visit the page below.

More info: tinydancersamongus.com