Meet Maro the kitten

Maro the kitten is one cool customer. Her owner, Rie Matsui, who has a passion for photography and Japanese culinary delights, started inviting her cat to dinner every night when she found out that Maro was down for just about anything as long as his master kept him company at the table. And so a fun new idea was born when Matsui began dressing up her chill cat in new outfits every night to provide some fun while showing off all her Japanese dishes.

He is great at posing, because he’s so quiet and easygoing,” Rie Matsui explained to The Dodo.

Maro’s personal Instagram now has how over 80k followers. And though you’d imagine Maro was willingly doing all the dress-up for scraps at the table, the truth is he just loves the companionship. “He never eats the food, although sometimes I give him a little reward after shooting,” Matsui said.